Red Car Beer


Our classic ales are available year round. But every beer isn’t always on tap, since we have 5 serving tanks and produce 9 different varieties.


Winsome Wheat™

OG 1.052, IBUs 19, ABV 5.74%

The Red Car, ever-present in the rural Southern California landscape, symbolized a vibrant, growing economy. With 50% wheat used in the grist, we hope you’ll find our wheat beer thirst-quenching and satisfying.


Motorman Reserve™

OG 1.040, IBUs 13, ABV 4.94%

Complex flavor in a beer deceptively light. Pale Ale, Maris Otter, crystal and chocolate malts all contribute to an ale of modest strength. This ale is a satisfying tribute to the men who drove the thundering Big Red Cars.


Electra Light™

OG 1.040, IBUs 9, ABV 4.42%

Our light-bodied golden ale is crisp, clean, and refreshing. The fabled Red Car line was fueled by electricity. Our ale too — truly electric.


South Bay India Pale Ale™

OG 1.072, IBUs 65, ABV 9.00%

Our India Pale Ale is a powerful combination of alcohol and fresh hop flavors. Because of its intrinsic qualities, this ale survived the long unrefrigerated voyage from England to India during the 1800s earning it the name IPA. Remaining true to the style, ours is served unfiltered.


Big Red Ale™

OG 1.060, IBUs 11, ABV 5.74%

Our Big Red Ale would certainly meet the nod of thirsty mechanics in the Torrance shops after a day of heavy repairs to the Big Red cars. The 125 acre site was built in 1912 just blocks from here. A fine full-bodied beer for a full-bodied taste.


Our seasonal ales are available at select times throughout the year. When available, your server/bartender will alert you to our seasonal offerings.

The festive flavors of our seasonal beers are extremely popular, so we often run out quick! Make sure to stop by for a drink when they’re available and fill up your growler (available at the bar).

on tap

Pumpkin Head Ale™

Our seasonal favorite pumpkin ale is made with all-natural pumpkin — approximately 50 lbs. It’s a well-balanced, light-bodied, autumn orange, copper-colored beer that finishes with notes of pumpkin, cinnamon, and slight nutmeg flavors.

OG 1.060, IBUs 15, ABV 5.4% COMING 10/2/23
Red Car Brewery growler and glasses

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Next time you visit, ask about our growlers, glasses, and apparel. They make perfect gifts!

The Brewmaster

Bob Brant, Red Car Brewery owner and brewmaster

Brewmaster and owner Bob Brandt brews every barrel of Red Car ale enjoyed by our patrons. From our classics to our seasonal offerings, our fun variety of beers are imbued with personality and crafted with care.

Red Car beers are quintessentially English. We use English barley, wheat, yeast strains, and hops. In some of our beer styles, we incorporate domestic hops as well. Our small system produces 14 kegs per batch — about 220 gallons.

“I drink what I brew — I hope you like it too.”


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